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A day in the Life of an EFPU Operations/Development Geologist: A potential first role when entering into the Oil and Gas Industry

  • 112 O&M Building, Texas A&M University (map)


When being hired by a petroleum company, a new hire geologist’s first role may be in the onshore unconventional business.  The roles and responsibilities of an operations and development geologist are interdisciplinary and broad.  Using technical skills and experiences gained in graduate school, new hires quickly learn all aspects of the business and gain important insight into the world of drilling for oil and gas.  This talk gives an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a new hire into the Eagle Ford Production unit at BHP Billiton. Using the interdisciplinary nature of graduate work within the Oceanography Department, you can quickly pick up the skills needed to contribute to the onshore business.  This talk aims to give insight into potential employment opportunities and relates learnings back to roots within a geological oceanography degree.