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GLODAPv2: A New Biogeochemical Ocean Data Product

  • Room 112, O&M Building (map)


The Global Ocean Data Analysis Project version 2 is the result of a major international synthesis effort. GLODAPv2 includes data from almost 800 cruises that had measurements of inorganic carbon and/or other carbon relevant parameters. It was constructed by merging three existing carbon data synthesis products, GLODAP, CARINA, PACIFICA, with data from about 200 new cruises. Data included in GLODAPv2 were subjected to primary QC and bias correction that was based on comparison of deep ocean data using crossover and inversion routines.

GLODAPv2 includes the original data files, the integrated bias-corrected data product, and 1X1 degree mapped climatologies. GLODAPv2 forms the basis for reassessment of the global anthropogenic carbon inventory and its increase with time. The product will be freely available for many other large scale open ocean analyses